THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR | By Tim Steller The young parents were lying on their bed, talking about Christmas plans, as their 3-year-old boy bounced around them, rambunctious as usual. Then, BOOM! They turned to see what had happened and saw their son bleeding from the head. The father’s Glock pistol apparently had fallen from his waistband, where he had tucked it in the small of his back. The boy had picked it up and shot himself dead. It was Dec. 20 in a modest home in Sahuarita. A town police officer described the scene he encountered there in his report, blacking out the family’s names: The father “had his arms wrapped around a small child who was lying on his back on the west side of the bed. There was a great deal of blood around the child and the wall behind him. The child had a towel wrapped over his head extending down to approximately his waist. (The father) was hugging the child and repeating the phrase ‘Please wake up.’ ” The next month, state Rep. Victoria Steele, D-Tucson, introduced a bill related to accidental shootings by children, attempting to make it a crime to store a loaded gun unsecured in a place where the owner could reasonably expect children to be. Similar laws exist in 28 states. It never got a hearing.
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